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Item No.: 02
1. Rich construction experience; many cases.
2. Choose high cost-effective material based on owners’ budget
3. Have good control in construction details
4. Can offer hotel daily supplies and offer hotel management consultation service
Decoration is the core business of China Global Development Group Limited.

Hotel decoration is the most important in our decoration business. We can offer all range hotel decoration solutions from 3-star to 6-star. We think hotel decoration must do corresponding design by combing the hotel positioning. For example, economy hotel decor should meet the guests' basic demands. Business hotel decor, from the color to the room planning, should be done based on businessman’s demands. Star hotel design should meet the owner’s hotel positioning.

As we have long time experience in hotel decoration, we are very familiar with each section of hotel construction, hotel decoration and hotel operation. So, we will consider the hotel operation during construction period. This can assure that we can do more reasonable project for owner.