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Item No.: 03
1. Diverse designs can offer more choices for owners.
2. Had completed many construction cases and have rich experience.
3. Choose the world first class decoration material.
4. Advanced swimming pool decor design
Decoration is the core business of China Global Development Group Limited.

Villa decoration is an important business of China Global Development Group Limited. We have finished many villa decor design and construction for high-end customers in many places in China. For the selection of design plan, stone and electrical appliances, we all have multiple plans for customer to choose. The swimming pool diversified choices is our specialty for villa decoration. For villa, swimming pool is a symbol of high grade residence. When the owner goes back home, the swimming pool is the best place to relax. So, we pay more attention on the swimming pool decor design. We believe that to judge whether a villa decoration company has high level, the swimming pool decor design and construction is an important reference standard.